Monday, 28 November 2011

eeKorea #1 - CANCELLED

Click on the below links to start spreeing. Orders from both links are accepted.
[2] Rakuten (Totally different items from Yahoo! Mall)

Closing Date: Sunday, 4 December 2011, 23:59 SGT

Min. capping of 20 items for each link

Spree Order Status: 24 items

Yahoo! Mall: 19 items
[1] SpreezMania - 3 items NT$313
[2] Jenny Chui - 3 items S$52.15 (Paid)
[3] Felicia Lee - 5 items S$54.10 (Paid)
[4] Jasmine Khoo - 2 items S$35.90 (Paid)
[5] Peiyi - 2 items S$28.20 (Paid)
[6] Gina Cai - 1 item S$27.95 (Paid)
[7] Yan Siang - 3 items S$41.85 (Paid)

Rakuten: 3 items
[1] Ariel Ang - 1 item S$17.95 (Paid S$19.50) (Trf to Buloso #3)
[2] Peiyi - 1 item S$15.50 (Paid)
[3] Gina Cai - 1 item S$22.50 (Paid)

Spree Updates
21/11/11 - Spree opened.
28/11/11 - Spree extended due to min. capping not reached.
05/12/11 - Spree closed. eeKorea-Rakuten will be cancelled due to low response. Payments will either be transferred to eeKorea-Yahoo! Mall or refunded by Thur (08/12). Any more orders for eeKorea-Yahoo! Mall to be in ASAP.
08/12/11 - Orders sent. Our sincere apologies for this late sent-in as we've been extremely busy with work for the past few days. 
09/12/11 - eeKorea replied orders received & they'll forward it to the relevant person-in-charge to process our orders.
13/12/11 - No reply from eeKorea. E-mailed seller to check on the order status. BAD NEWS!!! eeKorea replied overseas orders are NOT accepted for Yahoo! Mall. [Seller's Reply] It seems that there have been some miscommunications between us & eekorea (To us, it seems that they've withhold this information as we're absolutely clueless of this prior when we're enquiring them on their purchase procedures). We've tried negotiating with them but it's a failed attempt. As this spree proves to be more complicated than expected & also, quite a number of items are already OOS, it'll be fully cancelled. Full refunds to be made to all spree-ers by this Fri (16/12).
17/12/11 - Full refunds made to all spree-ers. Our sincere apologies for the delay & inconvenience caused.