Logistics Information

Spree Process
[1] Click on the spree banners of open sprees for viewing of items. Please take note of any remarks as stated in the spree posts.

[2] E-mail your orders to us using our order form. Please ensure that you understand & agreed to our T&Cs before sending us your orders.

[3] We'll reply you with our order confirmation within 1 working day.

[4] Proceed to make 1st payment before closure of sprees. For returning spree-ers, you are highly encourage to send in your 1st payment together with your orders.

[5] Orders will be sent in 1-3 working days after closure of sprees for order consolidation & payment clearance purposes. For spree that do not reach its minimum capping on its closing date, it will be extended for 1 more week. If the capping is still not reached after extension, the spree will be cancelled.

[6] Wait 1-3 working days for seller's reply.

[7] If items require restocking, wait for another 7-30 working days. Timing may be longer depending on seller's restocking speed.

[8] Upon completion of restocking/If orders are all instocks, items will be shipped out to SpreezMania within 1-5 working days. Items should reach us 7-10 working days later.

[9] Upon arrival of spree items, mass e-mail & sms together with final calculations will be sent out within 1-2 working days after sorting out of items.

[10] Please take note that all spree updates will only be done at the respective posts.

Pricing / Rates
  • Initial Exchange Rate: SGD 1 = TWD 20
  • Initial Freight Collection: S$2 per item
  • Handling Fee: S$1 per item or stated otherwise in the spree posts
  • Agent Fee (For sprees whereby sellers don't ship to Singapore): Additional 10% on item price

Estimated Freight Cost (Taiwan to Singapore)
  • Accessories/Belts - S$0.50 per item
  • Cosmetics - S$1.50 per item
  • Leggings/Lingeries - S$2 per item
  • Pouches/Wallets/Watches - S$2.50 per item
  • Tops/Bottoms/Dresses/Jackets - S$3.50 per item
  • Bags/Shoes - S$4.50 per item

- Estimated rates may be more/less than the actual costs incurred.
- All actual payments/discounts from seller will be reflected in our workings & supported with relevant documentations where available, eg. seller's e-mails, bank statements etc...
- Excess payment will be used to offset shipping & postage costs or will be refunded upon arrival of spree items.

[1] 1st Payment (Normal Spree) = (Item Price / 20) + (Pre-Freight Cost x No. of Items) + (Handling Fee x No. of Items)

      1st Payment (Agent Spree) = (Item Price x 110% / 20) + (Pre-Freight Cost x No. of Items) + (Handling Fee x No. of Items)

[2] 2nd/Final Payment = Any topup/refund if necessary

- 1st payment ≠ Final payment.
- If final adjustment is +/- S$0.10, amount will be written off, ie. no topup/refund is necessary, as the amount is inmaterial.

Payment Methods
Account No.: DBS Savings Plus 120-0-005293
Bank Name: DBS Bank Ltd
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 120

For Local (Singapore) Spree-ers
[1] Bank Counter Transfer
[2] ATM
[3] Internet Banking

For International Spree-ers
[1] PayPal
[2] Concealed Cash via Registered Mail/Courier (* Tracking No. MUST be provided to us)
[3] T/T

- Please ensure that you've transfer the money to the correct bank account before making payment.
- For inter bank (ie. non POSB/DBS) transfer, payment will only be updated upon receipt & clearance. If beneficiary name is required, please ask us via e-mail before making payment.
- For international spree-ers, please e-mail us before making payment. Kindly take note that all paypal/bank charges are to be fully beared by the payee.

Spree Distributions
For Local (Singapore) Spree-ers
[1] Normal Mail: As charged by SingPost
[2] Registered Mail: Normal Mail Charges + Additional S$2.24
[3] Local Courier (Ta-Q-Bin): As charged by Ta-Q-Bin
[4] MRT Station Meet-Ups @ Choa Chu Kang / Jurong East: Free

[1] & [2]: SingPost

[3]: Ta-Q-Bin
For International Spree-ers
  • Overseas Courier: As charged by SingPost

- Stationery cost (Eg. brown papers, bubble wraps, security envelopes etc) of S$0.50 per order will be charged if you opt for mailing/courier service.
- SpreezMania will not be responsible for lost mail if you opt for normal mail.
- Items will only be released for mailing / collection upon receipt & clearance of the FULL final payment.
- Meet-ups Timings (Weekdays ONLY)
   - Choa Chu Kang: 7am / 6.15-7.30pm
   - Jurong East: 7.15am / 6-6.15pm
- Weekend meet-ups are not advisable due to our hectic schedule.
- Other meet-up timings/locations (excluding East areas) are subjected to our convenience & availability.
- For spree packages that are more than 2kg, local courier / meet-ups is advisable. If not, items will be mailed out in split packages.