Terms n Conditions

[1] Strictly NO PAYMENT = NO ORDER.

[2] Strictly NO BARGAINING OF HANDLING FEES. We do not earn any profit from spree organising. This handling fee is solely to compensate our time and effort in organising sprees. Please do appreciate our hard work.

[3] 1st payment must be made in FULL for your orders to be taken in.

[4] For out of stock items, refunds will be immediately credited back to your bank account, unless you have other pending items from the same spree where the refund will be used to offset shipping & postage costs.

[5] No cancellation and/or amendments to your orders after order has been sent in to seller.

[6] Any screw-ups, delays and unforseen circumstances might happen in the spree process.

[7] 7% GST may be charged by Singapore Customs if the total value exceeds S$400. We will try to avoid this by asking seller to declare a lower value where possible.

[8] Combine collection is only available for sprees whereby the parcel has already been shipped & is on the way/has reached Singapore.

[9] All spree items MUST be collected within 7 working days from the date of this e-mail. After that, a storage fee of S$0.50 per day per spree will be imposed. Strictly NO EXCEPTION.

[10] SpreezMania will not be liable if the items are not up to your expectations or if the items do not look exactly the same as in pictures, hence please buy at your own discretion.

[11] SpreezMania will not be liable for any defects/damages/wrongly sent items from the sellers. No refunds will be made. We will however assist to report such cases to the respective sellers.

[12] SpreezMania will not be liable for lost mails/damaged items in the process of normal mail delivery. No refunds will be made. We will however assist to report lost mail to SingPost.

[13] SpreezMania reserves the rights to amend/add/remove any T&Cs without prior notice.

[14] By sending us your orders, you are deemed to have read, understood & agreed to all the T&Cs (inclusive of T&Cs/Notes in the other pages) as stated by SpreezMania.