Friday, 8 July 2011

Amyeshop #1 - COMPLETED

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Closing Date: Capping @ 10 items

Spree Order Status: 7 items
[1] Grace - 1 item S$9.50 (Paid) (Collected on 10/08/11)
[2] VL - 6 items S$57.90 (Paid) (Collected on 10/08/11)

Spree Updates
08/07/11 - Spree opened.
18/07/11 - Spree closed to avoid further delay. Order sent
19/07/11 - Amyeshop replied. [Seller's Reply] All items are instocks. Paid seller via PayPal. [Payment] Amyeshop confirmed payment received. Parcel to be shipped out within 1 week.
27/07/11 - Parcel shipped via Airmail. Tracking No. CC231302443TW. Tracking can be done here.
01/08/11 - Parcel arrived at Speedpost. Tracking can be done here.
08/08/11 - Parcel finally arrived! Spree Workings updated with the final calculations. Mass e-mail & sms sent. All refunds made to spree-ers. Spree completed in 22 days from the date of orders sent. Thank you for spreeing with SpreezMania & we hope to see you again soon! :)