Monday, 19 September 2011

[Agent Spree] OrangeBear & OB design #1 - COMPLETED

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[1] OrangeBear (Plus Size)

[2] OB design (Normal Size)
* [1] & [2] belongs to the same seller. Orders from both links are accepted.

NOT accepting $1 bidding (一元起標) items.
* This is an agent spree, even though seller does ship internationally, as we're experiencing technical difficulties with their online system (only way to place orders) that can't be resolved. However, we believe that even with the agent fee, you'll find that our rates are comparable or even lesser than the market rates. (Refer to our recently completed Agent #1 spree for the cost estimation)

**Agent Fee: Additional 10% on item price**

Closing Date: Sunday, 25 September 2011, 23:59 SGT
Extended till Sunday, 2 October 2011, 23:59 SGT

Spree Order Status: 10 items
[1] Felicia Lee - 4 items S$50.40 (Paid) (Mailed on 28/11/11)
[2] Elaine Wong - 1 item S$18.40 (Paid) (Mailed on 28/11/11 - With NK#1)
[3] Rosalind How - 5 items S$100.75 (Paid) (1 item OOS)

Spree Updates
19/09/11 - Spree opened.
03/10/11 - Spree closed. Any more orders & all outstanding payments to be in ASAP.
04/10/11 - Orders sent. Agent replied 1 item is out of stock (OOS) as highlighted in green. Orders confirmed.
05/10/11 - Agent replied with details of 1st payment. [Agent's ReplyAgent fee = 8% since number of items is now only 9. Payment made via PayPal. [1st PaymentAgent confirmed payment received. Orders were successfully placed. 3 items restocking as highlighted in red. Restocking process takes 7-30 working days.
14/10/11 - Still 3 items restocking.
18/10/11 - Agent informed latest estimated restocking completion date as seen from OrangeBear's online system is 20/10.
25/10/11 - Agent informed still 2 items restocking.
03/11/11 - E-mailed Agent to check on the restocking status. Agent replied 1 item restocking with the latest estimated restocking completion date as seen from OrangeBear's online system to be 16/11.
14/11/11 - Agent informed latest estimated restocking completion date as seen from OrangeBear's online system is changed to 23/11. Agent will check with seller if it's possible to send out the instocks first.
15/11/11 - Agent informed restocking completed. Parcel is queuing to be sent out to Agent.
18/11/11- Agent informed items have arrived & revert with details of 2nd & final payment. [Agent's Reply] As Agent will be combining shipment for this spree & Private Spree #4, this freight cost is also inclusive of items from PS#4. Payment made together with Private Spree #5 (NT$1,893). [2nd Payment]
21/11/11 - E-mailed Agent to check on the shipping status.
22/11/11 - Agent replied parcel shipped via Airmail yesterday. Tracking No. CC203949700TW. Tracking can be done here.
25/11/11 - Parcel arrived! Spree Workings updated with the final calculations. Mass e-mail & sms sent. All necessary refunds made to spree-ers. Spree completed in 53 days from the date of orders sent. Thank you for spreeing with SpreezMania & we hope to see you again soon! :)