Monday, 30 July 2012

Tokyo Fashion #10 - COMPLETED

Click on the below link to start spreeing~

* Promotions as listed in the website mostly apply to spree-ers as well, if it's not specifically stated for local buyers in Taiwan only (限國內買家).

Spree Closing Date
Sunday, 5 August 2012, 23:59 SGT
* Minimum Capping: 15 items
** Spree may be cancelled if low response.

Spree Order Status
Total Items: 46
Total Amount in TWD: NT$12,347
[1] SpreezMania - 3 items NT$748
[2] Sandy Yeo - 3 items S$42.25 (Paid) (Collected on 27/08/12)
[3] Candy Ang - 11 items S$173.70 (Paid) (Couriered on 20/08/12)
[4] Felicia Lee - 5 items S$70.15 (Paid) (Mailed on 22/08/12)
[5] Pam Swee - 4 items S$73 (Paid) (Mailed on 22/08/12)
[6] Lee Peiyi - 11 items S$166.70 (Paid) (1 item OOS) (Mailed on 22/08/12)
[7] Elaine Wong - 7 items S$105.20 (Paid) (Mailed on 22/08/12)
[8] Wendy Wong - 2 item S$34.95 (Paid) (1 item OOS) (Collected on 24/08/12)

Spree Updates
30/07/12 - Spree opened.
06/08/12 - Spree closed. Any more orders & all outstanding payments to be in ASAP.
08/08/12 - Orders sent. All outstanding payments to be in ASAP. Tokyo Fashion replied orders uploaded to their online order system. 2 items OOS as highlighted green in Spree Workings. 1 item colour OOS. Replacement made as highlighted blue in Spree Workings. Orders confirmed. Tokyo Fashion replied with their payment details. 3 price adjustments as highlighted purple in Spree Workings. Payment to be made by tomorrow.
09/08/12 - Payment made via credit card. Tokyo Fashion is preparing the parcel for shipment.
10/08/12 - Parcel shipped. Tracking No. CC241101738TWTracking can be done here.
15/08/12 - Parcel arrived at SG-Speedpost. Tracking can be done here. Parcel arrived! Due to our tight schedules at work, sorting of parcel will only be done on 18/08. Our sincere apologies for the delay & any inconvenience caused.
19/08/12 - Mass e-mail notification sent. Spree completed in 8 days from the date of orders sent. Thank you for spreeing with SpreezMania & we hope to see you again soon! :)

Guidelines for Tokyo Fashion Sprees

Spree Duration
Restocking Period (if required): 3-14 working days
Fastest (based on previous sprees organised): 8 days ~ TF #7
Slowest (                         "                         ): 34 days ~ TF #6
Average (                         "                         ): 22 days
* Above timeframes are only meant to serve as a guideline. Actual duration for each spree may differ.

Initial Shipping Fees
S$2 per item (Upfront Pre-Collection/Deposit)
Shipping will be done via International Air Parcel from Taiwan to Singapore. Shipping fees as charged by Taiwan Post.
* Shipping fees to be equally shared among spree-ers based on individual item weight. Excess payment will be used to offset postage costs (if opted) or to be refunded upon arrival of spree items.

Handling Fees
Fully Waived

* For those 2 for NT$x or 3 for NT$x items, shipping & handling fees are to be accounted for as 2 or 3 items respectively.

Initial Exchange Rate
SGD 1 = TWD 20
* Excess payment will be used to offset shipping &/or postage (if opted) costs or to be refunded upon arrival of spree items.

Payment Method to Seller
Via Credit Card
* For payments via PayPal or concealed cash by registered mail, PayPal/postage charges to be equally shared among spree-ers based on individual item cost.

Discounts from Seller
(Subject to changes)
50-99 Items: -5%
100 & Above Items: -10%
* Only applicable for regular items. Special price (特價品) / offer (特賣會) items are strictly NOT entitled.

1st Payment = (Item Price / 20) + (Initial Shipping Fee x No. of Qty) + (Handling Fee x No. of Qty)
2nd Payment = Any top-up/refund if necessary

There may be refund/top-up required upon arrival of spree items & after the actual final calculations.

Spree Distribution
[1] Normal Mail - Postage as charged by SingPost + S$0.50 for stationery costs - brown papers/envelopes/ziplock bags/bubble wraps/scotch tapes etc
[2] Registered Mail - Normal Mail charges + Additional S$2.24 + S$0.50 for stationery costs
[3] Local Courier - Courier fee as charged by Ta-Q-Bin + S$0.50 for stationery costs
[4] MRT Station Meet-Ups @ Choa Chu Kang / Raffles Place - FREE

For spree packages weighing more than 2kg (inclusive of combine collection) [bulky package], only Local Courier / Meet-Up @ CCK is allowed.


To participate in the spree, please complete the below order form & e-mail it to us at spreezmania@gmail.comFor different spree orders, kindly send them in separate e-mails.


Collection Method: *Normal Mail / Registered Mail / Ta-Q-Bin / Meet-Up @ CCK/Raffles Place* (Delete where applicable)
Bank Account Type/No.: *For payment of refunds if any*

Item #1
Item Name:
Amt in TWD: *直接購買價*
Alt Colour/Size: *Or DNB - Do Not Buy*

*Duplicate the item portion if necessary*

[A] Total Item Cost: (Total Amt in TWD) / 20 = S$ *Nearest cent*
[B] Total Initial Shipping Fee: (No. of Qty) x $2 = S$
[C] Total Handling Fee: (No. of Qty) x $0 = S$0

Total Items:
Total Amt: [A] + [B] + [C] = S$ *Nearest cent*

Transaction Details :
From Account XXX
To Account DBS Savings Plus
120-0-005293 SpreezMania
Amount S$X
Transaction Reference XXXXXXXX

Our Bank Details
Account No.: DBS Savings Plus 120-0-005293
Bank Name: DBS Bank Ltd
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 120