Monday, 17 February 2014

Taobao #2 - COMPLETED

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Website 2:
* Orders from both links are accepted.

Spree Closing Date
Sunday, 23 February 2014, 23:59 SGT
Minimum Capping: N/A
Spree may be cancelled if insufficient orders received at spree closure.

Spree Order Status
Total Items: 119
Total Amount in RMB: ¥ 4,185.11
[1] SpreezMania - 11 items RMB 251.11
[2] Rachel Sim - 15 items S$213.62 (Paid) (Mailed)
[3] Vivian Poh - 10 items S$131 (Paid S$85.28) (Collected on 28/03/14)
[4] En En - 1 item S$8.25 (Paid) (Mailed on 18/03/14)
[5] Sandy Yeo - 3 items S$36.86 (Paid S$36.80) (Collected on 20/03/14)
[6] Jerlynn Lim - 1 item S$25.72 (Paid) (Fully OOS)
[7] Raine Ng - 52 items S$476.67 (Paid S$459.12) (Collected)
[8] Joana Teo - 16 items S$105.71 (Paid S$100) (Collected)
[9] Heloise - 7 items S$134.94 (Paid S$154.50) (Collected on 24/03/14)
[10] Fiona Poh - 2 items S$27.22 (Paid) (Collected on 28/03/14)

Spree Updates
17/02/14 - Spree opened.
24/02/14 - Spree closed. Any more orders & all outstanding payments to be in ASAP.
To track the status of your item within China, please check back the Spree Workings & refer to Column F, G & H.
Shipment will be split into batches. Please check back the Spree Workings & refer to Column I to see which batch your item is in.
08/03/14 - Batch 1: Parcel shipped. Tracking No. 500012017621. Tracking can be done here.
11/03/14 - Batch 2: Parcel shipped. Tracking No. 01081518362. Tracking can be done here.
                  Batch 3: Parcel shipped. Tracking No. 500012017820. Tracking can be done here.
12/03/14 - Batch 1: Parcel arrived!
15/03/14 - Batch 3: Parcel arrived!
19/03/14 - Batch 2: Parcel arrived!
24/03/14 - Batch 4 (Last): Parcel shipped. Tracking No. 521000061676. Tracking can be done here.
25/03/14 - Batch 4: Parcel arrived!
26/03/14 - Spree completed in 30 days from the date of orders sent. Thank you for spreeing with SpreezMania & we hope to see you again soon! :)

Previous Sprees Organised
Please click here to view our previous Taobao sprees organised.
You may refer to [Spree Workings] located at the top of each spree post (below the spree banner) for a sample of the actual spree calculations.

Spree Duration
Restocking Period: As 
disclosed by individual sellers, but majority to be instocks
Average no. of days required from date of orders sent to goods received: 25 days (Based on previous sprees organised)

Please ONLY order if you CAN wait.

Spree Process Flow
Respective Sellers -> Freight Forwarder -> SpreezMania -> Spree-ers

Agent Fees

Domestic Shipping Fees
(Respective Sellers -> Freight Forwarder)
Under 物流运费, select 直辖市->上海 & look at the price for 快递

Initial Shipping Fees
S$2.00 per item (Upfront Pre-Collection)

Shipping will be done via International Courier from China to Singapore. Shipping fees as charged by Panli.
RMB 39 for first 1kg
RMB 16 for subsequent 0.5kg
OR if spree includes sensitive goods, eg. cosmetics, dried food, electronics, medicinal products, non-authentic branded goods etc... 
RMB 70 for first 1kg
RMB 20 for subsequent 0.5kg
* Shipping fees to be equally shared among spree-ers based on individual item weight. Excess payment will be used to offset postage costs (if opted) or to be refunded upon arrival of spree items.
* Shipping fees estimated to be +/- S$1 per 100g for normal goods OR +/- S$2 per 100g for sensitive goods.

* For those 2 for NT$x or 3 for NT$x items, initial shipping fees are to be accounted for as 2 or 3 items respectively.

Handling Fees

S$0.50 per item for accessories
S$1.00 per item for the rest
S$1.50 per item for bags & shoes, except for wallets/small pouches (eg. cosmetic/handphone pouches)

7% GST may be incurred if we hit S$400.00
We'll try to avoid this by getting seller to declare lower.

Initial Exchange Rate
SGD 1 = RMB 4.5
* Excess payment will be used to offset shipping &/or postage (if opted) costs or to be refunded upon arrival of spree items.

Payment Method to Seller
Via Alipay

Discounts from Seller

As indicated in the respective item/seller page

1st Payment = (Item Price / 4.5) + (Domestic Shipping
 / 4.5) + (Initial Shipping Fee x No. of Qty) + (Handling Fee x No. of Qty)
2nd Payment = Any top-up/refund if necessary

Our Bank Details
Account No.: DBS Savings Plus 120-0-005293
Bank Name: DBS Bank Ltd
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 120
* Inter-bank transfers are accepted, but NOT concealed cash or meet-ups for payments.

Spree Distribution

  1. Normal Mail - Postage as charged by SingPost + S$0.50 for stationery costs - polymailers/brown papers/envelopes/ziplock bags/bubble wraps/scotch tapes etc
  2. Registered Mail - Normal Mail charges + Additional S$2.24 + S$0.50 for stationery costs - polymailers/brown papers/envelopes/ziplock bags/bubble wraps/scotch tapes etc
  3. Local Courier - Courier fee as charged by Ta-Q-Bin + S$0.50 for stationery costs - polymailers/brown papers/envelopes/ziplock bags/bubble wraps/scotch tapes etc
  4. MRT Station Meet-Ups (Weekdays ONLY) @ Choa Chu Kang / Jurong East - FREE
  • CCK : 7am / 6.15-7.30pm
  • JE : 7.15am / 6-6.15pm
For spree packages weighing more than 2kg (inclusive of combine collection), only Local Courier / Meet-Up @ CCK is allowed.


To participate in the spree, please complete the below order form & e-mail it to us at


Collection Method: *Normal Mail / Registered Mail / Ta-Q-Bin / Meet-Up @ CCK/JE* (Delete where applicable)
Bank Account Type/No.: *For payment of refunds if any*

Item #1

Seller Name:
Item Name:
Amt in RMB:

Domestic Freight in RMB:
Alt Colour/Size: *Or DNB - Do Not Buy*

*Duplicate the item portion if necessary*

[A] Total Item Cost: (Total Amt in RMB) / 4.5 = S$ *Nearest cent*

[B] Total Domestic Shipping Fee: (Total Amt in RMB) / 4.5 = S$ *Nearest cent*
[C] Total Initial Shipping Fee: (No. of Qty) x $2 = S$
[D] Total Handling Fee: (No. of Qty) x ($0.50 or $1 or $1.50) = S$

Total Items:

Total Amt: [A] + [B] + [C] + [D] = S$ *Nearest cent*

Transaction Details :
From Account XXX
To Account DBS Savings Plus
120-0-005293 SpreezMania
Amount S$X
Transaction Reference XXXXXXXX