Monday, 17 October 2011

[Agent Spree] Candy Box #2 - COMPLETED

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* Candy Box has a minimum order requirement of NT$5,000 for international buyers.
* If this minimum requirement isn't reached, it'll be converted to an agent spree with 10% agent fees. However, the discounts that Candy Box offered to local Taiwan buyers, if we fulfill the requirements with at least NT$1,600, should be able to more or less offset the agent fees. (Refer to our recently completed Candy Box #1 spree)

Closing Date: Sunday, 23 October 2011, 23:59 SGT

Spree Order Status: 15 items / NT$3,849
[1] SpreezMania - 1 item NT$180
[2] Jie Ying - 8 items S$112.50 (Paid) (2 items OOS) (Collected on 12/12/11 - With Agent#2 & TF#5)
[3] Elaine Wong - 3 items S$63.50 (Paid) (Mailed on 10/12/11)
[4] Irene Teo - 3 items S$49.45 (Paid) (Mailed on 10/12/11)

Spree Updates
17/10/11 - Spree opened.
24/10/11 - Spree closed. Any more orders & all outstanding payments to be in ASAP.
27/10/11 - As minimum order requirement isn't reached, this spree will be converted to an agent spree. Orders sent. Agent replied 3 items are out of stock (OOS) as highlighted in green & revert with details of 1st payment. [Agent's Reply] Payment made via PayPal. [Payment] Agent confirmed payment received. Orders will be placed tonight.
28/10/11 - Agent informed orders were successfully placed.
30/10/11 - Agent informed 1 OOS item (~*.*糖罐子【PP0515】層次立體造型蝶結皮革腰封→預購 - Jie Ying) is available for purchase after all. All items are entitled to NT$20 discount each. The net amount has been refunded to us for easier computation. [RefundItems are under restocking & the process takes 7-30 working days. 6 items restocking as highlighted in red.
08/11/11 - E-mailed Agent to check on the restocking status. Agent replied 4 items restocking.
21/11/11 - E-mailed Agent to check on the restocking status.
22/11/11 - Agent replied 2 items restocking.
29/11/11 - Agent informed restocking completed. Parcel is queuing to be sent out to Agent.
30/11/11 - Agent informed parcel has arrived. 2nd & final payment details is also given. [Agent's Reply]
01/12/11 - Payment made via PayPal. [2nd Payment] Agent confirmed payment received. Parcel shipped via Airmail. Tracking No. CC203949660TW. Tracking can be done here.
08/12/11 - Parcel arrived at Speedpost. Tracking can be done here. Parcel arrived! In the midst of sorting.
09/12/11 - Spree Workings updated with the final calculations. Mass e-mail & sms sent. All refunds made to spree-ers. Spree completed in 44 days from the date of orders sent. Thank you for spreeing with SpreezMania & we hope to see you again soon! :)