Saturday, 11 February 2012


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NOT accepting out of stock (售完補貨中) items. Preorders are accepted for this special spree!

Closing Date: Sunday, 19 February 2012, 23:59 SGT

Min. capping of NT$1,200

Spree Order Status: 8 items / NT$1,660
[1] Trina Wee - 1 item S$12 (Paid) (Mailed on 03/04/12)
[2] Min Chee - 3 items S$33 (Paid) (Collected on 02/04/12 - With SB #3)
[3] Giselle Soh - 1 item S$12 (Paid) (Mailed on 31/03/12 - With Puffy #3)
[4] Cheryl Chee - 3 items S$50 (Paid) (Collected on 25/04/12 - With Eyescream #2)

Spree Updates
06/02/12 - Spree opened.
11/02/12 - Spree extended due to min. capping not reached.
20/02/12 - Spree closed. Any more orders & all outstanding payments to be in ASAP.
22/02/12 - Orders placed via JJS's online system.
1 price adjustment due to ending of offer: 《JJS》【特價品】春宴.(M)圓領純色收腰背心洋裝【FD:21051203】- Min Chee. From NT$120 to NT$170.
Payment made via credit card.
23/02/12 - Orders confirmed by JJS. Items are under restocking. Restocking period is approx 7-25 working days.
24/02/12 - 2 items restocking as highlighted in red.
02/03/12 - Still 2 items restocking.
10/03/12 - Still 2 items restocking. E-mailed JJS to check on the restocking completion date.
12/03/12 - JJS replied as the waiting time is still within their stipulated period, they're unable to confirm the exact restocking completion date & we're advised to continue waiting.
16/03/12 - Still 2 items restocking.
20/03/12 - Restocking completed. As we've placed this order as local Taiwan buyers in order to purchase preorders, the parcel will be sent to our Taiwan Agent for redirection to us. Redelivery fee to be shared equally = NT$100. Parcel is now waiting to be sent out to Agent.
21/03/12 - Parcel sent to Agent via local courier. Tracking No. 3201066120. Tracking can be done here.
23/03/12 - Tracking status shows parcel was successfully delivered to Agent. Checking with Agent to confirm this. Agent confirmed parcel received. Shipping fee details is also given. Payment made via PayPal. Agent informed parcel shipped. Tracking No. CC245691607TW. Tracking can be done here.
29/03/12 - Parcel arrived at Speedpost. Tracking can be done hereParcel arrived! JJS has also included 1 Rilakkuma mobile phone stand & 1 necklace in line with their monthly giveaways. This will be respectively given to the top 2 purchasers (Cheryl Chee & Min Chee). Spree Workings updated with the final calculations. Mass e-mail & sms sent. Refunds made to spree-ers. Spree completed in 37 days from the date of orders sent. Thank you for spreeing with SpreezMania & we hope to see you again soon! :)