Monday, 13 February 2012

Little Three #3 - COMPLETED

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* Colour choosing is possible, but subjected to actual availability that will only be made known to us by seller upon sending in of orders. If the preferred colour choice isn't available, default treatment is 隨機出貨 (random shipping).

**Handling Fee: S$0.50 per item ONLY**

Closing Date: Sunday, 19 February 2012, 23:59 SGT

Spree Order Status: 21 items
[1] SpreezMania - 1 item NT$25
[2] Clare Yong - 9 items S$135.25 (Paid) (Collected on 13/03/12)
[3] Elaine Wong - 2 items S$27.95 (Paid) (Mailed on 13/03/12)
[4] Peiyi - 3 items S$60 (Paid) (Mailed on 13/03/12)
[5] Cheryl Soh - 6 items S$37.25 (Paid S$25.25) (Mailed on 17/03/12)

Spree Updates
13/02/12 - Spree opened.
20/02/12 - Spree closed. Any more orders & all outstanding payments to be in ASAP.
21/02/12 - Orders sent.
22/02/12 - Little Three replied orders received & they'll revert with the order details once they're done with the computations.
24/02/12 - Little Three replied with their payment details. All items are instocks. Payment will be made via concealed cash using Registered Mail. Mailing to be done by next Tue (28/02).
28/02/12 - Payment mailed out. NT$4,824 @ 23.22 = S$207.75. Registered Postage = S$4.20. Tracking no. will NOT be disclosed for security purpose. We'll monitor the tracking status & post all relevant updates here. Delivery should be done within 4-6 working days. Tracking status shows Registered Article (RA) is despatched to Taiwan.
01/03/12 - Tracking status shows RA arrived at Taiwan Post.
02/03/12 - Little Three informed payment received. Parcel to be shipped out tomorrow.
05/03/12 - Little Three informed parcel shipped. Tracking No. CC900837473TW. Tracking can be done here.
07/03/12 - Parcel arrived at Speedpost. Tracking can be done here.
10/03/12 - Parcel arrived! Spree Workings updated with the final calculations. Mass e-mail & sms sent. Refunds made to spree-ers. Spree completed in 19 days from the date of orders sent. Thank you for spreeing with SpreezMania & we hope to see you again soon! :)